Our Staff

Colleen Merced as a child Colleen Merced

Colleen Merced

Executive Director

Wendy Lansing as a child Wendy Lansing

Wendy Lansing

Chief Financial Officer

Patricia Usherwood as a child Patricia Usherwood

Patricia Usherwood

Development Specialist

Merideth Buza as a child Merideth Buza

Merideth Buza

Data Entry Specialist

Christine Larkin as a child Christine Larkin

Christine Larkin

Child Fatality Review Team Facilitator

Essence Williams as a child Essence Williams

Essence Williams

CSEC Victim Advocate

Danielle Bishop as a child Danielle Bishop

Danielle Bishop

Lead Victim Advocate

Alysia Clary as a child Alysia Clary

Alysia Clary

Outreach & Education Specialist

Maureen Foran-Mocete as a child Maureen Foran-Mocete

Maureen Foran-Mocete

Director of Outreach & Education

Lauren Penizotto as a child Lauren Penizotto

Lauren Penizotto

Community Outreach & Education Specialist

Derek Tefft as a child Derek Tefft

Derek Tefft

Community Outreach & Education Specialist

Jacquie Goettel-Strecansky as a child Jacquie Goettel-Strecansky

Jacquie Goettel-Strecansky

Community Outreach & Education Specialist

Danielle Pira as a child Danielle Pira

Danielle Pira

CSEC Victim Advocate

If you suspect that a child is being abused, call Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-342-3720